The Book as iPad App: Multi-touch ebooks and their future in libraries

Instructor: Nicole Hennig, Independent User Experience Professional
(previously Head of User Experience for the MIT Libraries)

This course gets five stars not only for the information it contains, but also for the level of empowerment it provides. I signed up not knowing a thing about book apps, and in a month's time I am using them at work and collaborating with a library colleague to create a book app of our own for use in story times. The topic is timely, relevant and fun! I couldn't ask for more.
- Susan Hansen, Branch Manager, West Hartford Public Library, Hartford, CT

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The future of reading is here and interactive books are enabling learning.

iPads are everywhere and there are many innovative new books that are being published as apps, taking advantage of the multi-touch interface and multimedia capabilities of the iPad.

In this course, you'll become familiar with specific book apps in several categories, and learn how these apps are enabling learning and creativity.

We will NOT be discussing plain text titles available on the Kindle or iBooks & other platforms. Instead we'll focus on multimedia books that are released as individual apps, such as London: A City Through Time.

Each week you'll watch video demos of particular apps, and discuss our course readings in the class forum. You may also write your own reviews of particular book apps and contribute those to our course site for discussion with your colleagues.

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This course is appropriate for librarians from all types of libraries, especially school, public, and academic libraries.

By the end of the course you will...

Here's what's included:

What You'll Need

To participate, you'll need an iPad or iPad mini. Plan to spend a total of between $20 and $40 for apps. You should already be familiar with using your iPad and purchasing apps. Most of the innovative titles we're looking at are being published on Apple's platform, so that's why we're using their devices. Some of these titles also work on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but for the best experience an iPad is recommended.


This was a great class, so easy to navigate and take on my own time frame but with deadlines so I didn't procrastinate forever. The articles were spot on and well chosen. Including a hands on component as well as a create ideas activity which made it a very useful and productive class that I can take back and share with my fellow librarians and administrators.
- Trish Hull, Manager, Magna Library at Salt Lake County Library Services, Magna, UT

Not only did I learn a lot about something I knew little about, but I also saw how excellently an online course can be done. The videos were more entertaining that anything on Netflix, and I am inspired to try creating my own ebook apps. I wish I could learn about all new technology in such a pleasant way.
- Maida Tilchen, Instructional Designer, Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA

I shared some of the interactive book apps with teachers of blind and low vision students. Each of the teachers have asked for more information on the app so they could use them with their.students. The possibilities to engage students who are visually impaired is very exciting. I look forward to continuing to learn how I can get children to use and create their own apps. Reluctant readers have many different abilities.
- Stella Cone, Director of Georgia Library for Accessible Services, Georgia Public Library Service

Wonderful. Just a wonderful introduction to Books as iPads in terms of what is currently available and examples of the ideas that are moving this format along as we span the paper/electronic options. Nicole is very knowledgeable and her style of instruction is approachable and fun.
- Lydia Patrick, Technology Division Manager for Loudoun County Public Library, Reston, Virginia


Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is an independent user experience professional, teaching & inspiring educators and librarians about apps, ebooks, ereading, and mobile technologies. She was head of user experience for the MIT Libraries from 2010-2012, and web manager and usability specialist for the MIT Libraries from 1999-2010.

Follow Nicole on Twitter (@nic221) for updates about mobile apps, iPhones, iPads, e-reading, libraries, and more.

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The Book as iPad App - course preview from Nicole Hennig on Vimeo.